The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Stephanie Stadlin


Stephanie Stadlin

Decision Resource Group Excellence in Client Service Age: 31

Since joining Decision Resources Group two and-a-half years ago, Stephanie Stadlin, a Principal with DRG, has been a leader in ensuring high-quality results-driven work for clients from her very first day. Stadlin’s work, and the results, speak for themselves—91 percent of her clients are repeat customers and 100 percent of her clients reported that they would definitely request her to lead their projects again in the future.

At this point of her career, she spends the majority of her time working directly with her clients and coaching her team.

“While collaborating with my clients to help them navigate through their challenges will always be my greatest passion, I feel most accomplished when I help elevate my team to try something new or especially difficult,” Stadlin says. “There is no better feeling than empowering my team to push through what seemed ‘impossible’ to produce something excellent on behalf of our clients.”

A genuine curiosity and hunger to learn more on behalf of helping her clients has been one of the keys to her success, she says. “This hunger has gotten me through the daunting aspects of this career. I have been lucky to find a career and mentors that allow me to explore by trying new things and letting me experiment in an environment where it’s OK to fail sometimes.”

Not that Stadlin is doing a whole lot of failing these days. She is excelling and the ability to go at her own pace and carve out her own path has, and continues to be, the thing that excites her about her career.

And as far as being named one of this year’s Rising Stars of the Profession, Stadlin says she views it as “more of a team recognition than an individual achievement so I am proud to be representing our team.”

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