The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Siddhant Dash


Siddhant Dash 

Cognizant Business Consulting Excellence in Financial Services Age: 31

Enterprising and well-rounded are two ways to describe Siddhant Dash. Prior to Cognizant, he worked for the former President of India, and assisted in conceptualizing a cellular technology commodity transaction ecosystem for Indian farmers.

While at Cognizant, he has successfully led diverse consulting projects for marquee clients in the areas of M&A, platform strategy, open banking, operating model design, green IT, digital enablement, and performance improvement. He is a quintessential leader and problem solver who excels in bringing structure to chaos.

“Cognizant Business Consulting has provided me with several opportunities in the past few years to take up new challenges, work on complex problems, and engage with the brightest of minds,” Dash says.

Dash  recently led an engagement with one of the firm’s top financial services clients for its Forensic Investigations and Dispute Services unit. The business was grappling with a number of challenges around customer experience, costs, and service levels. “I led this initiative and drove a global operating model transformation and change management that impacted 1000+ stakeholders across US, Europe and Asia Pacific,” he says. “In one year we were able to achieve substantial turn-around in the client’s operating performance, customer service levels, and regulatory compliance that resulted in significant savings.”

That engagement was recognized as BFS Consulting Project of the Year 2016 at Cognizant’s annual leadership gathering.

“I was fortunate that my organization was able to provide all the necessary foundational capabilities to help channel my intrinsic passion for consulting, he says. “I have had great mentorship from our practice leadership in the past several years, which truly helped me grow and evolve my all around consulting abilities.”