The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Shazi Mir


Shari Mir

North Highland Excellence in Financial Consulting Age: 30

Shazi Mir hit the ground running when she joined North Highland with plenty of prior financial consulting experience enabling her to assume leadership roles soon after coming on board.  She continuously exhibits CFO Advisory services delivery excellence through the work she does for clients and internal firm initiatives, resulting in her promotion to Manager within a year of starting at the firm.

“I take pride in each and every client engagement where I have been able to positively impact organizational effectiveness,” Mir says. “When I am involved in a project, I’m dedicated to working hard to present innovative ideas related to people, processes, and technologies in order to deliver customized solutions to my clients. When I’m able to propel my clients towards success and growth, we’re both pleased. The goal is and always will be to serve as a true trusted partner to both my clients and colleagues.

Over the last three years, she was asked for by name multiple times by key clients in her local market to take on difficult roles implementing Finance, Accounting, and Reporting transformation programs.

When serving clients Mir says she loves the ‘unknown’ of consulting. “Even though you may be aligned to an industry or service area, every project is different and every client is different. It’s important to be able to quickly adapt to change and be comfortable in new environments,” she says. “I thoroughly enjoy being tasked with diagnosing problem areas, and presenting a logical action plan on how to improve or fix the diagnosed problem. I get to work on different types of challenging projects, work with and get to know people of different professional backgrounds, and learn something new every day…sounds like a win-win.”

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