The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Sean Burke

Burke_ClarkstonSean Burke

Clarkston Consulting  Excellence in Retail Age: 30

Sean Burke went into consulting because he wanted a job where he would be constantly faced with new challenges. Nearly a decade later, that’s still his favorite part of being a consultant.

“The retail industry is so intriguing right now, as it is in a state of disruption,” Burke says. “Retailers are facing strategic shifts and amazing opportunities with new technology. I’m excited to be a part of solving our clients’ current challenges and also to be able to help them prepare for upcoming challenges.”

Early on in his career, he realized that this career was going to put some tough challenges in front of him and he wasn’t always going to be the best at something right out of the gate. “Realizing that it was OK to fail when trying something new in order to become great at it really helped me establish a growth mindset, which has served me well over the years,” Burke says.

For the last decade or so, Burke, Manager and Retail Lead at Clarkston Consulting, has provided strategic expertise to Retail and Consumer Product companies in the areas of project and program management, process improvement and quality assurance.

“I am extremely proud of my contributions to several global retailers as they launch new processes and technology to address the fast-moving industry dynamics impacting their business,” Burke says. “I am also very grateful to be given the responsibility at Clarkston Consulting as the specialty retail leader for the firm.”

As far as winning the award, Burke says while it’s his name on the award, he feels like this is a team recognition award.

“I am proud of this award as a symbol which shows that the work we are doing is making a difference for our clients and the retail industry,” Burke says.