The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Philip Sclafani

New York Employee Proposal Portrait

Philip Sclafani

PwC Excellence in Healthcare Age: 33

Looking back over his career thus far, Philip Sclafani, says he is most proud of the enduring relationships he’s developed with clients, some of which have become both close personal relationships and strong business partnerships.

“These relationships are critical to my success and I’m proud of the prioritization of these accounts for our healthcare practice, Sclafani says. “I have been fortunate to work with many of my clients for almost 10 years now and as I’ve progressed in my career, so have they.”

Sclafani, Director, Health Industries Advisory with PwC, says he approaches every project with a focus on doing the right thing for his clients and helping to meet their needs, even if it’s not necessarily a message they want to hear. “Either way, my clients have always viewed us as true partners rather than just an extra pair of hands,” he says. “For me, that has been the best indication that I’m doing this the right way.”

Sclafani says the most exciting aspect of his career is the unique opportunity to work in such a wide range of areas and the chance to do things that haven’t been done before.

“I’ve worked on projects spanning corporate strategy, organizational design and operations, M&A, compliance, technology, digital, and so many other areas for global clients with treatments that benefit patients in a wide range of chronic and acute diseases.  Sometimes the solution is something we’ve done many times before and other times we get the chance to create something new,” he says.

“I’ve been really fortunate to work with new wearable and digital technologies as part of innovative Pharma disease management programs, develop advanced analytics platforms that predict disease outcomes, and support drug launches for new treatments in rare and orphan diseases. I never get bored knowing there is always something new coming.”