The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Kevin Clickner


Kevin Clickner Jabian Excellence in Leadership Age: 33

When it comes to leading a client initiative or community project, Kevin Clickner steps right up to assist.

In 2016, Kevin served as the Chair of the 501(c)3 organization, Jabian Cares, where he led the Impact 10 Grant’s distribution of $100,000 to ten local nonprofits instituted in honor of Jabian’s tenth anniversary. Clickner, a Senior Manager, led the creation and execution of the campaign while simultaneously conducting traditional Chair responsibilities for Jabian Cares.

“Take the time to understand what genuinely makes you happy in life,” he says. “Understanding the aspects of your personal and professional life that provide you the most satisfaction and why, enables you to more objectively evaluate where to spend your time and effort.”

On the client side, Clickner served as the Jabian lead for multiple client engagements throughout 2016, including facilitating executive sessions to update a client’s three-year strategic roadmap; establishing a governance structure; building a demand model that enabled the client to forecast resource needs; and creating an integrated planning process for an entire organization.

“The most exciting part of my consulting career is having the ability to help clients solve complex problems alongside colleagues I truly respect and enjoy being around every day,” he says. “Early in my career, I was unsure of my path and had to pivot several times until I found a place where I felt challenged, supported, and appreciated for my work. My persistence to continually improve myself and search for that balance is what I’m most proud of today.”

And what about the Rising Stars recognition? “For me, winning a Rising Stars of the Profession award is an indicator that I am in a career and at a firm that I truly believe in and aligns to my passions and goals in life,” he says.

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