The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Jeff Dexter


Jeff Dexter

Kroll  Excellence in Client Service Age: 32

Jeff Dexter is a Senior Director with Kroll’s Compliance practice and Head of the Research Center. He specializes in advising corporate clients on third party risk management as it relates to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, UK Bribery Act, and similar local laws worldwide.

“I absolutely love the constant exposure to clients, and there is no greater form of accountability than interacting with clients on a daily basis. In a world dominated by the accessibility of information, I am mindful that responsiveness is paramount to any client relationship,” he says. “What value am I providing? How am I ensuring Kroll is meeting their expectations? Are we learning what frustrates our clients in order to solve their problems? These are the questions that guide my client relationships.”

And they’ve served him well throughout his career. Helping to build teams, products, and processes that produce quality are among his proudest moments. “I feel most accomplished when I hear from a client that Kroll stands out in its field as the highest quality service provider,” Dexter says. “This is an indication that all aspects of Kroll are working together as one team—including operations, sales, product, marketing, finance, administration, and legal—with the same goal in mind when engaging our clients.”

The biggest factor to his success, he says, has been an eagerness to learn and expose himself to new ideas. You can often find him thumbing through a book on strategy, business management, a biography, a novel, or earmarking articles in Harvard Business Review. “I enjoy understanding what works from other successful businesses and finding ways to apply that in my own sphere of influence. Not everything that works somewhere else will necessarily work for you,” Dexter says. “However, even unsuccessful ideas provide an opportunity to learn and adapt.”

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