The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Jackie Ferguson

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Jackie Ferguson 

AArete Excellence in Leadership  Age 32

Jackie Ferguson says she is proud of the transitions-in-life stages that she’s made while advancing her career, starting as a Consultant and now a Director at AArete.

“Being married with two small children while working in my role at AArete and working towards earning my MBA from Notre Dame is no small challenge,” she says. “AArete has allowed me to put family first, further my education and advance my career. I am both proud and thankful for the opportunities I have been given.”

Ferguson, a Director in AArete’s Strategy & Operations practice, joined the firm in 2011. Over the past five years, she has excelled in all aspects of both client-facing and internal endeavors. “Since I joined AArete, there hasn’t been a day that I’ve dreaded going to work,” she says. “Knowing that each day will bring a new challenge to the table, and that I am a part of a team that will find a solution to whatever we face, is what makes this so exciting. Knowing that we are solving real business problems in the fast-paced healthcare industry and making an impact is extremely rewarding and motivating.”

In addition, Ferguson says the support she’s received from AArete’s leadership is what has allowed her to excel up to this point in her career. “The level of mentoring and coaching I’ve received is like nothing else I’ve experienced,” Ferguson says. “Our leaders dedicate time to their people and give them the responsibility to push us while providing the necessary support that allows us to succeed.”

The best advice she has ever received, she says, is simply to listen. “Listen to your people; listen to your clients. We are in the business of serving our clients, the more effort we make to listen to their concerns and challenges the more successful we will all be.”

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