The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Elena Stavrakas


Elena Stavrakas

Navigant Excellence in Client Service Age: 33

Elena Stavrakas is a Director with Navigant in the Healthcare Life Sciences practice. Since joining Navigant in 2008, Stavrakas has specialized in biopharmaceutical strategic commercial advisory with particular focus in rare diseases, commercial launch excellence, as well as M&A and Business Development strategy.

She transitioned from investment banking a decade ago and helped build Navigant’s nascent life sciences group into a vibrant practice.

“I am most proud of the evolution of my ability to earn client trust over the years,” Stavrakas says. “In fact, my proudest moments are those when I realize that our team is truly offering a level of deep partnership, support, and innovation that clients come to rely on as part of their core business models. Nothing is better than knowing we are our clients’ go-to partner in the face of urgent business decisions or high-pressure challenges.”

What’s been the biggest factor to her success so far? She says the various team dynamics that surround her have certainly fueled many of her successes. “I find the variety and depth of talent I encounter in life sciences to be particularly inspiring,” Stavrakas says. “My colleagues at Navigant, as well as the clients we engage with, have very diverse business, scientific, and medical backgrounds that make collaboration exciting. With this diversity comes a level of creativity and rigor that has bolstered our team’s success and industry impact.”

She says knowing that she and her team impact an industry that produces positive, real-world, human impact keeps her motivated. “Few industries offer products and services that relieve pain or extend life, often in very immediate ways. Partnering with biotech, pharma and care provider leadership teams, however, can inevitably impact someone’s health, comfort, and family through improved access to life-saving therapies.”