The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Dr. Rohit Chatterjee


Dr. Rohit Chatterjee

Keystone  Excellence in Financial Consultng Age: 34

Dr. Rohit Chatterjee is known as the James Bond of consulting by his clients, because his unique ability to synthesize complex economic, legal, and technology issues regularly results in seemingly unattainable business and legal discoveries.

Chatterjee is a Columbia University Ph.D. who leads Keystone Strategy’s Tax practice and Computer Science Technical Practice where he works on several high-profile engagements with well known clients.

Chatterjee says he is proud to be a part of the Keystone family and his colleagues and mentors continually provide him leading-edge work that is supported by critical insights on how best to navigate the challenges at hand.

“I truly believe that this combination—challenges and insights—has been invaluable to my career,” he says. “In this same spirit, my time at Keystone has taught me to share my learnings with colleagues and clients knowing just how great the impact can be. This sense of collaboration and selflessness is a real hallmark of our firm.”

Since joining Keystone, Chatterjee says he has seen incredible teammates move on to contribute to society as lawyers, scientists, technologists, and economists, and he’s proud to know he may have played a small part in their success.

Without a doubt, he says the biggest factors to his success is his extended support system. “My wife and family, friends, colleagues and my clients who are just as eager to solve complex problems as me.”

Chatterjee says he is “honored and humbled” to win the award. “It validates my belief that Keystone has provided me exceptional opportunities to work on cutting-edge business challenges with a team that really cares about me and my growth,” Chatterjee says. “This award also confirms that there may be a tiny bit of sensibility to all the craziness I have done over the years.”

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