The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Ashish Vatsal


Ashish Vatsal 

Point B Excellence in Leadership Age: 33

Ashish Vatsal is a Senior Associate, Account Leader, and Business Development Operational Director at Point B, where he is at the helm of some of the firm’s most significant projects in the shifting healthcare landscape.

“It’s exciting to solve meaningful challenges for our clients, and—critically—to lead projects all the way to fruition,” he says.

He coordinated work for a network of health providers to manage a successful Medicare open enrollment period while the member base grew significantly. He also led a cross-division project for the same client, resulting in a massive reduction of invoice backlog and faster compensation for physicians. Vatsal then led the launch of a home-based care program to help the elderly, frail, and highest risk members avoid ER visits, which was a “challenging yet deeply fulfilling project,” he says. “I also created a business continuity plan for a local healthcare company, which was tested by an ice storm a few months later, helping me see the real-world impact of our work.”

From a firm perspective, Vatsal says it was nice to receive the most associate contributions—an internal recognition—at Point B. “It demonstrated not just that the work I was doing was impactful, but also that I work for an organization that takes the time to recognize it,” he says.

Finally, volunteering with and helping local minority, women, small-business owners allows him to give back to the community. It’s something Vatsal has done before. He helped establish prenatal healthcare clinics in rural Bangladesh while he was in business school. “This was one of my top achievements,” Vatsal says. “It helped me reset my priorities after coming off the financial crisis of 2008.”

And finally, when it comes to advice he’s received over the years, his response is short and sweet. “Say yes. Work hard. Be nice.”


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