The 2017 Rising Stars of the Profession: Karen Stansfield


Karen Stansfield

EY Excellence in Operations Management Age: 32

Karen Stansfield learned the intricacies of supply chains the hard way—working as a manager on the floor of an automotive plant. Being one of the few women on the floor, she says she had to work twice as hard, know twice as much, and master the nuances of navigating challenging cultures.

That early experience led Stansfield, a Senior Manager, to recognize that being successful in the world of supply chains is as much about the interplay of personalities as it is about the movement of goods and services.

She’s moved on to mastering an uncommonly idiosyncratic subset of the supply chain: procurement of legal services. Stansfield has become so adept at the intricacies of these issues, EY charged her with co-developing its Global Procurement training program.

“EY is such a massive platform for anything I could want to accomplish, both professionally and personally,” Stansfield says.

“I am most excited about all the opportunities I have to not only help improve a wide array of companies, but to make an impact in the world. To truly build a better working world.”

She says her first SC&O project at EY, and she admits she had no clue what she was doing, was a big turning point for her.

“I had received negative feedback and a bad rating, and realized that I needed to either figure out consulting or find a new job,” Stansfield says. “But that was just the challenge I needed to push myself and find a way to be successful in this industry. It took me a bit of time, but I pushed myself and found my way.”

Found her way to a Rising Star of the Profession award. “I think it is simply validation,” she says. “It feels great to know that my hard work is recognized and appreciated by my leadership.”

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