The 2017 Seven Small Jewels: Evans Incorporated

Evans_Sue Evans

Evans Incorporated

Headquarters: Falls Church, Va. Additional Offices: N/A Service Lines: IT, Operations Management, Strategy, Human Resources Client Industries: Federal Government

Billable Consultants  2014: 18 2015: 32 2016: 50

Revenue (in millions) 2014: $5.3 2015: $7 2016: $11

Evans started like many companies do, with a dream while sitting at the kitchen table one night, says Sue Evans, Founder, President and CEO. “My parents set the bar extremely high for lives lived well.  But in addition to their direction, my family, my friends and youth experiences all contributed to fueling a drive to be useful, honorable, compassionate, and to make some difference,” Evans says. “A number of factors came into alignment that evening; lessons learned while working with my father, my formal education with a focus on ergonomics, and opportunity.”

Falls Church, Va.-based Evans Incorporated, which launched in 1994, grew at an impressive 57 percent last year and a 108 percent the last two years. In addition, the staff has grown and ended 2016 at 50 billable consultants.

“At Evans, we have found a unique balance between the revenue growth we want to achieve and the strengths and growth of our employees,” she says. “The alignment of interests provides the platform for what we have and hope to accomplish within our community and with our clients.”

While most consulting firms will say that their people are their differentiators, Evans says that’s really the case, but it’s also the process by which the firm selects, and its intentional efforts to engage, grow and retain.  “Our clients frequently say that it’s our people-picking ability that differentiates us from our competitors,” she says. “Clients value our ability to hire exceptional leaders, train and develop them, and offer a blended model of consultants that deliver the right skills at the right level at the right time. The difference that Evans brings to the table is our unique, human-centered approach.”

That approach is clearly paying off.

An exciting area for growth in 2017, Evans says, is its unique offerings in aviation, particularly the commercial use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS).

Unmanned Aerial Systems allow for limitless capabilities, yet present complicated regulatory and operational challenges. Latest estimates forecast the Unmanned Aerial System industry to be worth $82 billion over the next five years, however organizations are struggling to capitalize on this limitless potential, especially if they don’t understand the regulatory boundaries.

“Our subject matter experts have worked side-by-side with the Department of Transportation to integrate UAS operations and communicate regulations, interact with the unmanned systems academic community, and include our own certified UAS pilots,” she says. “Our subject matter expertise in this high growth market, combined with many of the improvements described above, has led to the identification of several new opportunities within one month of launching our Unmanned Systems offerings.”

This opportunity, along with others, will continue to lead to significant revenue growth, Evans says. In three years, she says the firm’s revenue is projected at to be around $18 million fueled by 75 consultants.

“Revenue growth comes from increased demand for professional services and new revenue from on-line products that touch a global community,” she says.  “Our biggest challenges are preserving our culture and achieving operational excellence—during periods of significant growth. As we grow with staff in diverse locations we need to codify it and the behaviors that represent our culture, and ensuring that everyone is clear what to look for in recruiting, and coaching to preserve.  Operational excellence means that we are driven by scalable processes, shared knowledge, and clear goals at all levels of the organization. Both of these are goals to conquer in 2017 to position us for continued growth and success in the future.”