The 2017 Executive Outlook: Yong-Gon Chon


Cyber Risk Management Yong-Gon Chon / CEO

Consulting: Can you sum up where your firm is today? 

Chon: Our firm is growing rapidly and saw significant gains in business and headcount in 2016; it is an exciting time of opportunity for our entire team. As you’ve seen in the Fastest Growing Companies issue, we grew 100 percent over the last three years, which is more than three times the compound annual growth rate of the wider information security market reported by Gartner and others. We are investing heavily in our future to continue our growth trajectory. We are looking forward to a very public re-branding launch in January that will more visibly unify our portfolio companies and capabilities for the market.” Consulting: How would you describe your firm’s outlook for 2017?

Chon: We anticipate strong continued growth in 2017. What distinguishes our firm from others in our space is our strong growth momentum in our cyber risk consulting sweet spot. Many services firms tend to get acquired before they hit $25 million in revenue, whereas our momentum is organic growth fueled by complementary acquisitions. We are more people-constrained than sales-constrained—and anticipate adding between 100 to 150 new employees. We pride ourselves on hiring and retaining the best of the best. Our success is driven by our people and by making our clients’ success ours, we expect to continue to realize returns for our shareholders. Given the widespread reports and consequences of data breaches, industries such as healthcare and retail will be major growth areas for us this year. Others approach these industries with a heavy ‘compliance’ message—but instead of leading with Compliance, we take a more strategic approach to examining their data and business objectives, the areas where they want to transform. We empower a lot of change for them and compliance ends up as a healthy byproduct.

Consulting: What do you see as the biggest opportunities for your firm in 2017? What do you see as the biggest challenges?

Chon: Clients’ success is our biggest selling point and we have tremendous opportunities to build on this momentum and our new brand in 2017. A major business driver is tapping into cyber risk concerns at the board level. As cyber incidents surface in more corporate espionage, legal and other headlines, boards are re-thinking processes for preparedness and governance everywhere. The worsening data breach toll at Yahoo disclosed right before the holidays, for example, continues to raise sobering awareness of cybersecurity ramifications in M&A strategy and due diligence.


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