The 2017 Executive Outlook: Teresa Bozzelli


Sapient Government Services Teresa Bozzelli / Chairman and CEO

Consulting: Can you sum up where your firm is today? 

Bozzelli: Client-focused, agile and innovative, 2016 was a very strong year for Sapient Government Services. Due to our successful strategic expansion decisions, we delivered double-digit growth. By thoroughly managing the cost of expansion, we also show increased efficiency in our bottom-line. Already, our strategic investments have achieved stabilization and delivered impact.

Consulting: What’s your firm’s outlook for 2017? 

Bozzelli: This is the first administration change in a fully digital world. The spotlight is on the government and as public sector consultants we must continue focus on digital innovation as the first priority. Sapient will prioritize citizen expectations and driving the value of information to enhance service. Foundationally, Sapient has brought commercial best practices to the public sector and we see that as a powerful approach in the next administration. We are very focused on new AI data analytics platforms that we are confident will resonate well in the market. Emerging technologies give power to the citizen, insight to the agency and ensure a better overall digital experience.

Consulting: What are the biggest opportunities in 2017? What are the biggest challenges?

Bozzelli: Sapient sees mission insight through innovation as the most strategic opportunity. Transforming how organizations consider their data, we will guide clients to utilize the tool, data, analytics, and industry understanding to gain “Insights-As-A-Service.” Our biggest challenge will be new relationships. With changes in 2017, we develop relationships with new leaders quickly with full transparency and in a time that is hectic. To ensure we deliver the strategic impact, we have to be agile, collaborative and always listening.

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