Creating a Reputation Risk & Crisis Management Consulting Powerhouse


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Deloitte had made a brilliant move in acquiring Regester Larkin to augment the capabilities of its leading Crisis & Resilience Consulting practice.

Reputation, or how various stakeholders, including shareholders, activist groups, politicians and the general public, feel about an organization is increasingly being viewed as a strategic asset and it is shown that, while crisis events can arise anywhere and at any time, the better an organization prepares with the proper people and command structures in place, the better they are able to respond and thus mitigate both physical as well as reputational damage.

Regester Larkin, is a UK-based crisis, reputation and issues management consultancy with approximately 40 consultants with backgrounds ranging from crisis management, corporate communications, public affairs, military, emergency response, media relations and business continuity. The firm advises and support boards, executive committees and business unit heads of large, blue-chip multinationals and government agencies through offices in Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North America. The firm is best known for its work in issues management, where the firm helps clients identify and develop strategies to navigate through emerging issues and opportunities in a manner that supports both the client’s business objectives as well as its reputation among stakeholders. Clients often engage the firm for help in (re)framing issues around contentious socio-political issues.

Deloitte offers a tremendous platform to scale and grow the firm through its global network that already offers a comprehensive and integrated set of crisis management services and solutions that span the entire crisis life cycle from risk assessments, crisis preparation and planning, simulations and testing. Should a crisis event occur, Deloitte can activate rapid response teams anywhere in the world within hours with the appropriate crisis, subject-matter, and sector/industry experience to deliver the client a most effective response, prioritizing work streams, information flows, and messaging through all phases of crisis response and recovery.

Both Deloitte and Regester Larkin were recognized as ALM Vanguard firms in ALM Intelligence Reputation Risk and Crisis Management Consulting report published October 2016.


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