The 2016 Women Leaders in Consulting: Jenny McCaskey

Consulting Women's Leadership Awards 2016

Jenny McCaskey Vice President, Impact Advisors 

Client Service

Jenny McCaskey is a registered nurse with over 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry and 20 years in healthcare information technology. She is a visionary leader with a solid track record for defining, planning and optimizing the successful implementation of large-scale projects within a variety of healthcare settings.

At Impact Advisors, McCaskey serves as a mentor for healthcare executives and project teams. She has served as Project Director and Project Manager on many electronic health record (EHR) implementations and Change Management projects and is recognized as a leader in EHR program management.

Her journey to Impact Advisors, and now to a Lifetime Achievement Award, was by accident after she took a call from a Healthcare IT consulting firm recruiter twenty years ago. And her experience as an Emergency Department staff nurse and Director provided her the opportunity to be part of a team that was selected to design and implement an electronic health record (EHR).

“An EHR was a big deal 20 years ago,” McCaskey says. “I remember being asked by the VP of Nursing to join that team. My response was ‘I am an ED nurse. I can’t sit in front of a computer all day!’  After assuring her that she’d be part of transforming healthcare, McCaskey joined the team, learned a ton and realized how in demand her combined clinical and IT skills were. “Saying yes to the VP of Nursing and to the recruiter were two of the best decisions I have ever made,” she says.

McCaskey says there is so much she enjoys about consulting, but it “starts with working with my friends at Impact Advisors. Our amazing team energizes me. I am so thankful to be part of a firm that provides me with the collaborative culture and the opportunities to do what I do best. I really enjoy being a trusted advisor and helping our clients solve their toughest challenges.”

McCaskey says she also enjoys the meaningful work. In the Emergency Department, “Patients came to us without IV’s and other lifesaving measures. On many occasions we saved their lives,” she says. “While I am no longer saving lives in the ED, I believe that I continue to save lives by helping healthcare organizations make the best decisions for their patients and staff.”

As far as winning the award, McCaskey says she is “truly humbled as I know there are many women in consulting and even in my firm that deserve recognition.  I accept this award for all of us who believe deeply that what we do makes a difference.”

Consulting: What’s the best advice (consulting or otherwise) you’ve ever received?

McCaskey: “I have received a lot of great advice.  It is difficult to pick just one piece of advice but I would say the advice to “have 20 seconds of courage” has provided me with the most benefit.  Having 20 seconds of courage allowed me to say “yes” to many things that I might not have otherwise said “yes” to.  Once, hearing a scream for help from my sister and sprinting from the volleyball court across the lawn to dive into a pool to pull my brother-in-law from the bottom. I feel incredibly privileged to have the courage and skills to literally have saved lives. So, 20 seconds of courage goes a long way. It helped me dive into that pool.”