The 2016 Fastest Growing Firms: T. White Parker Associates


23. T. White Parker Associates Growth Rate: 154% HQ: Sterling, Va.

T. White Parker is an action-focused, strategy and management consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations do business better. The firm’s service areas include: Strategy, Technology, Operations, Financial, and Human Capital. The firms’ client focus areas include: Public Sector, Transportation, Aerospace, Health, Telecommunications, and Consumer Business. Tanaia Parker, President and CEO, sat down with Consulting to discuss the firm’s outstanding growth.

Consulting: What were the main factors that contributed to your firm’s exceptional growth?

Parker: T. White Parker is grateful to have earned a strong base of returning and referring customers. A large percentage of our portfolio is directly attributable to client referrals and follow-on engagements. We are very selective in the engagements we take on to ensure we are always able deliver the degree of technical depth and high quality that our clients have grown to expect from T. White Parker. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and customer service has humbly earned us a reputation of being “high value and low risk”.

Consulting: How is this year shaping up for your firm?

Parker: 2016 is a year of transition for T. White Parker but it continues to be another great year for us. We graduated from the Small Business Administration’s program and are well-positioned for continuous success. Statistically, many firms experience a major decline during this transition period; however, we are fortunate that we are continuing to experience steady growth while diversifying into other markets.

Consulting: How would you describe your firm’s outlook for 2017? Where do you see the most opportunities? 

Parker: Our outlook for 2017 continues to be very positive with the plan to roll-out new solutions, venture into new markets, and to double the growth of the firm.

Consulting: What would you say are your firm’s biggest challenges in 2017?

Parker: The main challenge we face involves maintaining T. White Parker’s unified culture as we grow and our staff becomes more decentralized. This relates to ensuring that communications continue to be disseminated in a timely manner, staff are gathered for both work and non-work related events in order to preserve camaraderie, and ensuring that our family-oriented environment and core values (i.e., integrity; superior quality; learn, grow, share; awesome to work with; ultimate professionalism, etc.) continue to propagate and thrive. In addition, to maintaining our core values, we ensure that everyone—from our executives to every employee—is held accountable and lives-and-breathes these values through leading by example and we look for these specific qualities in potential employees through a thorough recruiting process.

Consulting: What does being named one of Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms mean to your firm, your employees and your clients?

Parker: We at T. White Parker are honored for this recognition, as it is a manifestation of all our hard work. Our employees are proud to be associated with a firm that is seen as a ‘mover and shaker’ in the consulting space. Our clients have come to expect the best experience when working with T. White Parker and this award further solidifies that they are partnering with a recognized player in the industry.