The 2016 Fastest Growing Firms: Performance Solutions by Milliken


10. Performance Solutions by Milliken Growth Rate: 259%  HQ: spartanburg, S.C. 

Performance Solutions by Milliken brings a unique, Practitioner-based value proposition to its clients and has built an enviable record of helping companies achieve substantial and sustainable improvements in their operations and safety excellence efforts. This approach, built on the foundation of lessons learned while Milliken & Company created and implemented its own world-class performance system, helps client organizations engage and empower their associates by working side-by-side to establish a culture of continuous improvement and drive breakthrough operations impact. Performance Solutions Practitioners currently serve companies in more than 100 operating locations in 28 countries across a wide range of industry sectors. Its 259 percent growth rate lands the firm at No. 10 on the Fastest Growing Firms ranking. Consulting caught up with Mack Hedrick, Senior Strategy & Performance Manager at Milliken & Company, to discuss the firm’s success.

Consulting: What were the main factors that contributed to your firm’s exceptional growth?  

Hedrick: Without question, our exceptional growth is driven primarily by our differentiated value proposition, which consists of four components: 1) Our Practitioners’ capability to draw upon their distinctive expertise and experience to adapt to client needs and respond appropriately to unforeseen challenges; 2) The unique insights we have gained through years of institutionalizing a comprehensive Performance System across our own Milliken manufacturing facilities; 3) Our commitment to leveraging Associate Engagement to ensure accountability and sustainability throughout the organization; 4) Our ability to leverage Zero Loss Thinking to challenge existing paradigms, identify priorities, and drive continuous improvement.

Consulting: How is this year shaping up for your firm?

Hedrick: 2016 is shaping up to be another outstanding year for Performance Solution by Milliken. Our practitioner team is stronger than ever, and we continue to win opportunities to guide clients through their operational excellence journey.

Consulting: What is your firm’s outlook for 2017? 

Hedrick: We project 2017 to be another strong year for Performance Solutions. Not only have we established a solid foundation for growth, but we are actively pursuing opportunities to further differentiate ourselves in the market. Nonetheless, our greatest opportunities remain with clients who wish to embark on their own operational excellence journey and recognize the financial and cultural synergies a partnership with us can create.

Consulting: What would you say are your firm’s biggest challenges in 2017?

Hedrick: The biggest challenge facing Performance Solutions in 2017 is continuing to share our compelling value proposition with potential clients. Our Practitioners have built a strong track record of driving substantial and sustainable safety and operations improvements with a wide variety of organizations. We must continue to build awareness of our brand in the marketplace.

Consulting: What does being named one of Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms mean to your firm, your employees and your clients?

Hedrick: Our team is very proud to receive this tremendous acknowledgment from Consulting magazine. This recognition is a distinctive honor, and a wonderful way to validate the excellent services our practitioners provide day in and day out.