The 2016 Fastest Growing Firms: Impact Makers


5. Impact Makers  Growth Rate: 366% HQ: Richmond, Va.

Impact Makers is a management and IT consulting firm that is redefining business. Impact Makers contributes 100 percent of net profits to charities over the life of the company. The company provides services in Management and IT Consulting, Program and Project Management, Digital Services, Governance, Risk and Compliance, and Healthcare Solutions. Consulting caught up with Michael Pirron, CEO and Founder of Impact Makers to discuss the firm’s unique model and extraordinary growth. 

Consulting: What were the main factors that contributed to your firm’s exceptional growth? 

Pirron: Impact Makers has experienced significant growth for more than five years, largely due to our ability to attract and retain consultants who share our vision that business can benefit the community. Impact Makers contributes all profits over the life of the company, and considerable pro bono services, to charitable partners in the communities in which we work. We attract mission-driven consultants because we are mission-driven.

Consulting: How is this year shaping up for your firm?

Pirron: Impact Makers is approaching consulting differently—both in terms of how we serve our clients and our underlying business model. Our team is constantly balancing the exponential growth with our mission to create meaningful change for our clients, community partners and ourselves. On the surface, our current service portfolio is not dissimilar to many other consulting firms. However, it is the power of our ‘Why+How+What’ that consistently delivers a differentiated experience for our clients. This year we have done more pro-bono work than ever before. To date, we’ve had $1.6 million in cumulative community impact in terms of both direct financial contributions and pro bono services combined.

Consulting: How would you describe your firm’s outlook for 2017? Where do you see the most opportunities?

Pirron: Impact Makers began in 2006 as an effort to create a different model for consulting. Ten years later, we’re focused on maximizing our impact by growing aggressively, but purposefully. Our plan for 2017 is aligned to a broader five-year roadmap that is crafted to deliver maximum impact to the communities where we work and, therefore, deliver on our mission. We’re excited about 2017 as we anticipate continued growth resulting in additional community impact, success for our clients and opportunities for our employees.

Consulting: What would you say are your firm’s biggest challenges in 2017? 

Pirron: Our biggest challenge is managing growth to maximize our impact without compromising our purpose and culture. For Impact Makers, it’s not just about hitting numbers—anyone can do that. It’s about hitting our numbers and not losing sight of our mission and shared values or compromising the strong culture we’ve built. At the end of the day, we want our employees, clients and community partners to still recognize the underlying culture that has gotten us here. That’s important to us because it is what makes Impact Makers a different consulting experience all together.

Consulting: What does being named one of Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms mean to your firm, your employees and your clients? 

Pirron: Being named one of Consulting’s Fastest Growing Firms is an acknowledgment of Impact Makers’ success and growth in our own industry and among companies that share our motivation to deliver better business and technology solutions.