The 2016 Social & Community Investment Awards: West Monroe Partners

Wst MonroeWest Monroe Partners

Type of Work: Community Outreach Initiative Client: Various organizations through its Fischer Global Fellowship

The Fischer Global Fellowship supports West Monroe’s employees in dedicating their time & talent to meaningful global causes. For six weeks to six months, fellows are granted a leave of absence, half salary and volunteer-related expenses.

West Monroe launched the Global Service Fellowship program in 2013 to create opportunities for its people to contribute their skills and an extended amount of time (typically three to six months away from the office at a reduced salary) to a cause that is meaningful to them personally and of consequence to the world at large.

In 2015, the firm renamed the program the Fischer Global Service Fellowship program in honor of its co-founder, Dean Fischer, who inspired the firm with his commitment to building healthy communities and preserving the natural environment. This year, WMP supported five Fischer Fellows on endeavors in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru, Nepal and the American Red Cross. They are:

• Tricia Anklan employed her prior experience working with water utilities to help EOS International bring clean water to nearly 15,000 Nicaraguans;

• Kate Groot, an industrial engineer by training, partnered with the American Red Cross and created a facility designed to support the new behavioral-health operating model of the US Department of Veterans Affairs in Columbus, Ohio;

• Kate Kiyosaki worked with Global Vision International in El Cocal, Costa Rica, to create a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum for children aged 4 to 14;

• Emily Loebig, an advanced analytics consultant, improved the monitoring and evaluation capabilities of Awamaki, an organization that supports female artisans in impoverished communities in Peru;

• Jennifer Schauer partnered with The Women’s Protection Center of Nepal to educate children in rural communities about human rights and provide support for recovering victims of human trafficking.

“Employees who are interested in being Fischer Fellows research opportunities to make an impact in an area of interest and identify an organization with which they can work to do so,” says Megan Lantz, a Manager at West Monroe Partners. “They then make contact with the organization and to develop a Fellowship proposal. West Monroe Partners solicits and reviews Fellowship proposals annually and awards several applicants with Fellowships.”

West Monroe employees and recruits have responded very favorably to the Fischer Fellowship program, Lantz says. “We developed the program based on feedback from our people. It reflects our culture and values. The passion and energy our people have demonstrated in their Fellowship proposals and their work while on assignment is extraordinarily motivating to all of us.”

Lantz says the firm is extremely proud of the Fischer Fellowship program and the impact it has had on organizations and people. “It speaks volumes about our Fischer Fellows that they are willing to take a short break from their fast-paced consulting careers to apply their skills in a different arena,” she says. “Our real vision, though, is to lead by example. We hope to inspire other organizations to emulate this type of program and create opportunities for their people to blend business skills with personal passion.”

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