The 2016 Social & Community Investment Awards: Knowledgent



Type of Work: Community Outreach Initiative Client: Various, through Knowledgent Cares

Knowledgent Cares is the Knowledgent Group’s corporate outreach program, dedicated to giving back to local communities in New York, Boston and New Jersey, where the firm has U.S. offices. The firm’s employees, known as “Informationists,” organize, participate, and donate to various causes on a regular basis.

Knowledgent Cares started in the very early days of the firm, says Peter Gibson, Co-CEO at Knowledgent. “It’s important to have a passion about work and career, but it’s also important to have a passion about charity and giving. We want to be impactful in everything we do—with our clients and in our communities.”

Gibson says Knowledgent Cares started as a way to get informationists to be more involved with local charities. “It’s turned out to be really successful,” he says. “It’s actually surpassed even our own expectations.”

Typically, Knowledgent employees participate in one or more events per month. Case in point, Gibson says recently, Knowledgent had 15 employees—with very little publicity surrounding it, participate at an event in Boston at The Home for Little Wanderers, a house that supports at-risk youth. “We’re always a little surprised by how many people turn out and the amount of support and involvement we get for these programs,” Gibson says. “I think it’s a great indication of the quality of people we have here at Knowledgent.”

Since 2014, the firm has supported more than 40 charities. “We support over 40 different charities that are a combination of our clients’ interests and our own teammates interests,” Gibson says. “That allows us to impact a lot different people and a lot of different organizations.”

One such organization is Investors Bank, a client Knowledgent’s been working with since 2015.

Kevin Cummings, CEO of Investors Bank, says the bank hired Knowledgent because they were the best fit from a competency standpoint. “I wasn’t even aware of Knowledgent’s philanthropic activities,” he says. “But it turns out we have a lot of the same core common values.”

Knowledgent and Investors Bank teamed to participate in Walk With Us to Cure Lupus.  With a few of its own employees with Lupus, Cummings says Investors is very committed to the cause and a corporate sponsor for the event. “Knowledgent got involved with us and we had over 150 people at the walk. The Knowledgent people walked with the Investors people. We probably had the most people of any company at the walk.”

The values of Investors and Knowledgent are very similar, he says. “It’s not just a matter of being successful, it’s a matter of being significant,” Cummings says. “When you’re significant you create a purpose and a legacy for your employees; you feel a part of something that’s much bigger than you.”

Gibson says the two organizations work together so well because they have similar cultures.

“We’re both very growth centric organizations, and we’ve both been on rapid growth trajectories the last few years,” Gibson says. “The big picture is this— being successful in business allows us to be more impactful in charity.”

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