The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: HDH Advisors

HDH_Corley Thomas15. HDH Advisors

Atlanta-based HDH Advisors is a newcomer to the Best Small Firms to Work For list this year, which, according to Corley Thomas, Director of HDH Advisors, validates a lot of the initiatives the firm has been focusing on this year.

“It’s also a big contributor to firm pride and builds confidence in the work we do for each other internally,” Thomas says. “For clients and referral sources, it builds validation and credibility that our team enjoys what they’re doing, which is a major contributor to the quality of our work.”

On the survey, the firm excelled in the areas of Client Engagement and Career Development, certainly no accident, Thomas says. Both are focus areas for the firm, particularly career development. “Finding, training, and retaining talent has been a key focus for us. This has started with our firm explaining our value proposition to our team, and then executing on that initiative,” he says. “The natural progression is that our teammates are excited and engaged not only with each other, but also with our clients.”

Thomas says the firm focused on allowing teammates to learn, explore, and grow internally within areas of interest. “When people enjoy what they do, they excel at it. That’s the most critical driver behind the quality of service delivered to our clients.”

It’s also a key to keeping morale high, something HDH has been able to accomplish. “We have seen our team open the lines of communication to improve development, not only in our technical abilities, but also about each other as people and professionals,” Thomas says. “Everyone finds passion in different aspects of what we do, but it’s that core enthusiasm which has helped us develop a strong culture over the past few years.”

A big internal focus over the past year at HDH has revolved around a simple question; how can the firm create opportunities for our teammates? “We’ve pushed each other to create opportunities internally and our team has been doing a great job capitalizing on those opportunities,” Thomas says. “So far, it is working well.”

Another big focus is on attracting talent, developing talent, and giving that talent the opportunity to thrive internally and externally with clients and advisors. “We’re also focused on constant communication, informally daily and formally on a regular cycle of feedback, both upward and downward in the organization,” he says. “The more we communicate, the better we can develop each other, and the stronger we’ll be in the future.”

Q&A: What is unique about your firm? What sets it apart? 

Thomas: “From day one, including with our interns, we give our teammates real projects and real responsibilities. These opportunities and responsibilities give them the ability to add value to the firm and our clients. We believe in giving people exposure to a variety of industries and service lines, and giving active feedback, something that our teammates have embraced. This has been critical in developing our talent not only for growth in our firm, but probably more importantly, growth in their careers.  We recognize that everyone has various areas of interest and passions. Over time, we have tried to find a home for our talent, allowing them to explore all service offerings and project types within our firm.”

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