The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: Vynamic

Vynamic_DanCalista7. Vynamic

It’s six years and counting for Philadelphia-based Healthcare Operations Management firm Vynamic. Dan Calista, the firm’s Founder and CEO, says being among the best is both validating and motivating, embracing feedback from the team and clients to consistently evolve and enhance the consulting model.

“Our company purpose—we believe there is a better way—is core to how we operate day-to-day,” Calista says. “Consistent recognition as one of the Best Small Firms to Work For serves as confirmation that our pursuit of a ‘better way’ is working.”

Powered by a healthy culture, Vynamic continually creates better ways to work together, to collaborate with clients, and to deliver industry-leading work as healthcare industry management consultants, Calista says. He says there are a few primary areas that set Vynamic apart:  First, the firm is all healthcare, all the time. Second, the belief that the right experience is everything. “We hire talented management consultants with the right mix of EQ and IQ to ensure that the work we do is focused on making our clients successful,” Calista says.

And the consulting work the firm is doing is influencing and shaping some of healthcare’s toughest challenges. “To be a part of such meaningful initiatives with a team and culture that are thriving is incredibly exciting,” he says. “Demand for our consulting services continues to grow and the market trends indicate an exciting year ahead in healthcare.”

Speaking of the next year, Calista says the main priority is to “continue to grow in our live & work local model in both Boston and Philadelphia by hiring top consulting talent and continuing to partner with leading healthcare industry clients,” he says.

The firm’s values—living, leading, learning, growing, thriving—support team members achieving their greatest potential, which Calista says is shown directly through Vynamic’s 2016 Moonshot Program, which encourages employees to think of a professional goal with an uncertain probability of success yet daringly exciting to them. “It’s a foundational belief at Vynamic that what’s good for the team member is good for the company,” Calista says. “If they’re inspired and happy, it makes Vynamic a better place.”

Q&A: On the survey, the firm excelled in the areas of Work/Life Balance and Career Development. Why do you think that is?

Calista: “At Vynamic, we grow for our people, not at the expense of our people. To grow for our people, decisions need to be evaluated based on asking what is best for the team. Career Development and Work/Life Balance are fundamental topics for people, especially management consulting, and it is core to Vynamic. This year, we’ve dialed up our focus on leadership development and established a robust core leadership program that starts with defining your personal leadership style. Work/Life Balance prioritizes all parts of people working at Vynamic. For example, “zzz-Mail” restricts hours of sending e-mail in order to unplug, consultants are in control of the staffing process to select work they truly want to do, and our monthly feedback process incorporates assessing team member balance.”

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