The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: Systems Evolution, Inc.

SEI_Bill_Gallagher.jog5. Systems Evolution, Inc.

It’s a six-pack of consecutive appearances on the Best Small Firms to Work For list for Cincinnati-based Systems Evolution, Inc.

According to Bill Gallagher, CEO of SEI, the firm’s approach is simple—hire only the best consultants, support them through a collaborative culture free of hierarchy and bureaucracy, and empower them to participate as owners of the business. This approach attracts not only the best consultants but also clients who see the direct correlation between our model and their success.

“A career at SEI extends well beyond providing great service and thought leadership to our clients,” Gallagher says. “Our consultants take an active role in building and managing our business, in an environment that runs counter to traditional consulting firms. We only hire talented and experienced professionals who thrive in an entrepreneurial, collaborative and collegial culture and share in the rewards of a 100 percent employee owned company.”

And the Best Small Firms to Work For designation goes a long way to making that happen. The impact of the award is felt the most on the firm’s recruiting efforts, he says, where candidates routinely mention the recognition by Consulting magazine. “We’ve had several candidates come to work for SEI that found us through the publication and many more that have commented on the positive influence it had on encouraging them to apply for a position at SEI,” Gallagher says. “In addition, it has a very positive impact on the morale of the company. Our consultants, services team and leadership alike, receive affirmation that they are part of a team that believes in our core values and guiding principles.”

Gallagher says the SEI offices are thriving with plenty of demand in both new and existing clients, and the recruiting pipelines are pages deep and we’re carrying a lot of momentum into 2017,” he says. “It’s been exciting to add new team members to our various offices and expand our footprint to new markets. We have the culture in place for continued prosperity and growth.”

To that end, Gallagher says maintaining culture through the firm’s growth is a top priority. “This allows us to focus on our need to attract and retain the best talent that can both deliver excellence at the client and also contribute to building the business locally and nationally,” he says. “If we can continue to focus on creating the right atmosphere for these high performers, then we’ll continue to be successful.”

In that model, client delivery takes care of itself. “We’re hiring the best and incentivizing them to over deliver for our clients,” Gallagher says “To continue to ensure we are providing the best environment possible, we have been focused on continuing to reevaluate our internal processes and technologies to ensure our consultants and clients receive the best service in the most efficient and effective manner possible.”

Q&A: How would you describe morale at your firm and why? 

Gallagher: “The morale at SEI is extremely high.  We have a unique and substantial broad-based employee ownership program, and we actively promote a high degree of empowerment across our employees given our focus on transparency and open book management.  This coupled with our commitment to providing local consulting opportunities, fosters a high degree of professional and personal satisfaction among SEI employees, their families and our clients.”

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