The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: Navigate

Navigate_David_Crossed1. Navigate

Make it two years in a row as one of the Best Small Firms to Work For for Wayne, Pa.-based Navigate. Actually, make it two years in a row as the No. 1 Best Small Firm to Work For—quite an accomplishment for a firm that had never been on the list before last year.

Dave Crossed, a Partner with the firm, says the recognition “validates Navigate’s emphasis on staying true to our core values and attracting and retaining highly skilled and motivated professionals who are able to solve complex business issues, which in turn allows us to better serve our clients. Morale is very high, which is driven largely by each person’s ability to have a direct impact on the growth and operations of the business and how we best deliver outcomes for our clients.”

A key differentiator for the firm, Crossed says, is from an operating standpoint, Navigate lacks the more traditional structure. “Our less siloed approach creates more opportunities for our team to work with each other and be exposed to different industries and functional areas,” he says. “As a result, each person can use their broad set of skills to develop new areas of expertise.”

In addition, unlike at more traditional firms where the projects are very large and only senior level consultants have meaningful access to the client, the work enables Navigate employees to have higher visibility working closely with the clients and their issues. “We encourage risk taking and it is very rewarding for our team members to work alongside senior executives,” Crossed says.

Crossed says two initiatives, in particular, have had a great impact on making Navigate a great place to work for employees. First is the role of the Performance Manager, where instead of reporting to a traditional boss figure, employees report to an advocate who is committed to their growth and success. Second, through the firm’s Practice Development Committees, everyone shares responsibility for strengthening the operations of the business, which goes well beyond their client-delivery responsibilities.

“We often hear new employees say they are surprised at how much their voice matters in making a difference, or how, at their previous firm, they did not have the variety of experiences they had hoped for and which had initially attracted them to management consulting,” Crossed says. “We are focused on continued growth in a way that ensures greater opportunities and career advancement for our people. We believe individual growth goes hand in hand with business growth.”

Q&A: When you look at the remainder of this year and 2017, what excites you? What opportunities do you see in your markets?  

Crossed: “As we look to the rest of the year, we are excited about how Navigate’s clients are relying on us in new and evolving ways, thinking about us across our various service areas and considering the different types of capabilities we offer to help them execute their business strategy. In our particular market here in Southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware, there is a great deal of consolidation underway across the healthcare industry. Leaders are looking for highly experienced professionals who they can trust to support them through consolidations, organizational realignment initiatives, and the deployment of new technology.”

Stats Headquarters: Wayne, Pa. Billable Consultants: 55 Client Industries Served: Healthcare, Media & Communications, Manufacturing Consulting Service Lines: Operational Management, Strategy

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