The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: Lausanne Business Solutions

Lausanne_Greg_Pontrelli2. Lausanne Business Solutions

This year’s most-impressive newcomer goes to Wilmington, Del.-based Lausanne Business Solutions, which makes its debut at No. 2. Founded in 1986 as The Lausanne Institute, Lausanne Business Solutions originally provided research and consulting solutions to Government, Aerospace and Defense. Since that time Lausanne has expanded to include a full suite of People Strategy and Human Capital Management consulting solutions, says Gregory Pontrelli, President/CEO & Chief Talent Strategist for the firm.

“At Lausanne we are passionate about talent. We are fortunate to have a very talented group of consultants and we believe this recognition will help us continue to attract and retain the best in the industry,” Pontrelli says. “Ultimately this translates into more successful engagements, greater deliverables, more unique solutions, and outsized results for our clients.”

It’s no surprise that he’d describe morale at Lausanne as “vibrantly intellectual, creative, and unyieldingly motivated in our shared mission to deliver value for our clients.”

Ask him about his and the firm’s priorities over the next 12 months and he says, not surprisingly, to continue to deliver “outstanding services to our clients while maintaining a fresh and positive environment for our employees.”

To that end, Pontrelli says the firm is relentless in its pursuit to optimize its client’s people and their performance, but also works equally hard to create a workplace where people are supported and enabled in order to maintain high sentiment and performance. “We always talk to our clients about the importance of having a framework for supporting and enabling their employees,” he says. “We talk the talk and walk the walk.”

Pontrelli says there are two aspects that make Lausanne different from other human capital consulting firms. First, Lausanne takes a more holistic approach, he says. “We partner with our clients to understand every aspect along the talent management continuum. We believe it takes a full understanding of the talent function to be able to address and optimize each piece.”

Second, he says the firm has a unique value proposition that leverages expertise, technology, and psychology. Lausanne employs practitioners, as well as academics, who have both theoretical knowledge and practical experience.

On the survey, Lausanne excelled in many areas, but specifically in Work/Life Balance and Career Development. That’s because Lausanne is all about relationships, Pontrelli says. “This all goes back to our mentor program. We believe that a properly structured mentor program has a powerful impact on morale, the ability to balance work and personal life, as well as developing an understanding of what is necessary to advance one’s career.”

Q&A: When you look at the remainder of this year and 2017, what excites you? What opportunities do you see in your markets?  

Pontrelli: “Many of the organizations we work with are re-shifting focus to their people—recognizing that their workforce is their best competitive advantage and that investing in their people yields high dividends.”

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