The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: Impact Advisors

Impact_Andy_Smith6. Impact Advisors

Ask Andy Smith, President of Impact Advisors what excites him most about the future and he’ll say, as humbly as possible, “the opportunity to fundamentally transform healthcare. It feels like we are on a tipping point where many organizations have implemented their core enterprise technology solutions; the next phase will be to harvest the information out of these systems to radically optimize the delivery of care.” And Smith says Impact Advisors is ready, willing and able to assist clients on that journey.

Impact Advisors is a perennial mainstay on our Best Small Firms to Work For ranking. This year, the Naperville, Ill.-based firm continues that trend. “Each and every day, we are committed to living our mission to create a positive Impact with our clients, as well as with our fellow associates at Impact Advisors,” Smith says. “Being recognized confirms we are demonstrating our mission in a meaningful way to those we serve. Our employees take exceptional pride in working for one of the Best Small Firms to Work For, particularly in knowing that their collective feedback is what made this possible.”

Smith says morale continues to be exceptionally high because the firm’s associates consistently exhibit strong and sincere determination in their daily work, which ultimately translates into meeting or exceeding clients’ objectives.  “As we celebrate achieving our client’s goals, we experience personal satisfaction,” Smith says. “Our clients join us in celebrating this recognition as well, knowing the Impact Advisors resources serving them are highly engaged and motivated to strongly contribute to their project success.”

Smith says Impact’s leadership genuinely cares about each of its associates and are transparent in every aspect of the business. “This combination of client satisfaction, caring and firm transparency epitomizes our culture and defines our morale,” he says.

It stands to reason that Leadership was one area where Impact excelled on the survey. “We frequently hear directly from our associates how much they appreciate our forward focus of looking far into the future and thoughtfully evaluating our success strategy as any significant market or industry changes occur,” Smith says. “Our associates know that their well-being is the No. 1 priority at Impact Advisors.”

It’s one of the main differentiators at the firm, Smith says. Impact Advisors calls its associates “Winners” and they know and live by the distinctive values that are essential to the firm, Smith says. Associates average more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare information technology sector, and their expertise is leveraged daily to help solve clients’ most strategic and complex problems. “We develop solutions that allow our clients to achieve—and often exceed—their goals,” Smith says. “The shared practice of these values equate to a uniquely special workplace, as well as an ideal client experience.”

Q&A: What’s your top priority over the next 12 months?

Smith: “Our priorities for the next 12 months will be to continue to develop and grow our services.  Specifically we are actively investing in and enhancing our methodologies in Clinical and Revenue Cycle Optimization. We continue to add talented leadership in these areas as our clients are asking us for additional services.”

Stats Headquarters: Naperville, Ill. Billable Consultants: 196 Client Industries Served: Healthcare Consulting Service Lines:  IT, Strategy

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