The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: IBB Consulting Group

SHAH02-C8. IBB Consulting Group

Make it three years running and fifth time overall for Philadelphia-based IBB Consulting. Imran Shah, Managing Partner of IBB Consulting says the firm is both “humbled and honored to have been selected once again as one of the Best Small Firms to Work For. It continues to be an incredible source of pride for the firm and, most importantly, justifies IBB Consulting’s approach and investment in treating every employee like family.”

In addition, being one of the Best Small Firms to Work For increases IBB’s accountability to both employees and clients. “For our employees, it forges a stronger trust in the fact that we’re all involved and aligned in our goal ‘to make IBB the most compelling consulting company to work for,” he says. “For our existing clients, it validates the intangibles when working with IBB that each of our consultants will be committed to their success and collectively supported.”

And as IBB expands into new verticals within its cable, media, and mobile focus areas, this honor further demonstrates that IBB continues to be a well run firm, among the industry’s very top tier, Shah says.

To that end, Shah says his top priority over the next 12 months is the sustainable growth of IBB’s employees and clients. As clients face new challenges such as plateauing traditional revenue, rising operational costs and strong competition, IBB is poised to continue to help.

Shah says these new challenges include next generation networks, advanced advertising, OTT or “Digital” Products, Digital Transformation and Customer Experience Enhancement and Mobile Realities, a convergence in experiences between digital and physical reality.

Shah says morale at IBB Consulting is high, but this is an evolving journey. Morale has just as much to do with employee perception as it does with company benefits, awareness, and perks. To align employee perception with firm efforts, a core value at IBB Consulting Group is complete transparency.

“We share everything including our financials at each company wide off-site meeting. The purpose is to build a mentality that we’re all in this together,” he says.

Q&A: On the survey, the firm excelled in the areas of: Compensation & Benefits and Firm Leadership. Why do you think that is?

Shah: “IBB has a specific profile hire, someone who has industry leading vertical experience along with client facing consulting experience.  It’s difficult to find this combination but IBB is happy to extend our compensation and benefits package to value these potential employees.  We have multi-dimensions to our compensation package, which incents employees towards individual and firm goals. Since the company’s inception, we have fully covered the costs of medical, dental and vision benefits for our employees and their dependents. In terms of Firm Leadership, IBB Partners live by the philosophy of leading from the front. Partners are expected to roll-up their sleeves across multiple clients and deliver side by side with IBBers to keep their skills sharp. Partners also continuously work on business development opportunities to ensure the company continues sustainable growth. It’s an incredibly challenging responsibility.”

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