The 2016 Best Small Firms to Work For: BlueLine Associates

BlueLine_Rocky_Silvestri9. Blue Line Associates

BlueLine Associates is back for a second year as one of the profession’s Best Small Firms to Work For, a distinction that Rocky Silvestri, President of BlueLine Associates, says is not lost on the firm’s employees—both personally and professionally.

“I believe it makes them proud to work at an organization that is recognized in the media. In addition, our employees reap the benefits of the company policies that qualify us for entry, such as our belief in the importance of Work/Life balance, responsibility to value our employees, and providing a positive and enjoyable work environment,” Silvestri says.  “From what I see, our internal policies support the overall happiness of our employees, which in turn creates loyalty and dedication to our customers, our firm, and their work.  At the end of the day, our clients are the ultimate beneficiaries of the work culture at BlueLine.”

Indeed, on the survey, the firm excelled in the areas of Work/Life Balance and Client Engagement, areas that Silvestri says make BlueLine a one-of-a-kind firm.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that we excelled in the two areas of the survey that talk about these qualities,” he says. “We mean it when we tell our consultants that family comes first.”  The firm’s new unlimited PTO policy stems from this belief, and the daily pressure of managing life and work responsibilities that we all face are alleviated to a massive degree for BlueLiners. “I think it has had an enormously positive impact on the firm,” Silvestri says. “Our people feel empowered to make decisions about their time management and results, without sacrificing their personal lives, and without constantly being worried about the limited vacation time offered to most workers across the country.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to client engagement, BlueLine professionals partner with clients and invest in the success of each assignment. “We do not employ a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to our engagements,” he says. “Before developing and executing a plan we conduct in-depth, thorough due diligence and consider multiple alternatives to maximize value based on the unique circumstances of each situation.”

To that end, Silvestri says BlueLine is “not your typical consulting firm,” and every business and every leadership team is unique. “At BlueLine, our first order of business is to take the time to understand each organization, its goals, and its distinct challenges,” Silvestri says. “With that understanding and our depth of experience, we are able to deliver forward-thinking strategies that align with an organization’s business goals. Here is where we separate from the pack. We believe in true partnership, so our client engagements end with implementation, not a presentation. Our partnership approach is at the core of the ‘BlueLine Way’ and allows us to deliver true transformational consulting.”

Q&A: How would you describe morale at your firm and why? 

Silvestri: “Morale at BlueLine can best be described as excited, eager, and committed.  We strive to provide our consultants the right mix of independence and support.  I believe this allows our consultants to reach their full potential and to truly feel a part of the success of the firm.  This translates directly to the confidence, enthusiasm, and success of the entire team.”

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