The 2016 Best Firms to Work For: Slalom

Slalom_John_Tobin3. Slalom

Slalom just keeps rolling along. This year’s ranking on the Best Firms to Work For list marks seven straight for Seattle-based Strategy and IT firm. And it shows no signs of slowing down. The firm now has 4,000 billable consultants, which is up 800 from last year and a whopping 3,640 from when it made its Best Firms debut back in 2007.

John Tobin, Co-Founder and President, Slalom North America, says being recognized as one of the Best Firms to Work For is an honor. “We believe that employees and clients seek us out because of this recognition, and that it sets a high bar for what they can expect from us,” Tobin says. “At Slalom, we want to be learners every step of the way as we continue to build our company. We take all the positive and constructive feedback we receive seriously and it is encouraging to be placed among the best of consulting firms.”

Tobin says that people love being at Slalom because the firm actively promotes a healthy balance between work and everyday life—making it personal for all employees by really getting to know and understand them. “We provide infinite opportunities to do meaningful work, which in turn creates career growth and the most motivated, efficient, and productive people,” he says. “More than that, we genuinely like each other and we like working together.”

Slalom is now located in 24 markets and five delivery centers, and the firm is fast approaching the $1B company milestone. “I am excited that even at scale, we have maintained our intimate model and a common culture grounded in our core values,” Tobin says. “We believe we have only scratched the surface of what’s possible as we work to help our people, clients and communities reach for and realize their visions through greater love of work and life.”

As Slalom continues to evolve as a company, Tobin says the firm is focused on doing more as one. Given Slalom’s size and breadth, Tobin says he believes there is a tremendous opportunity to harness the collective thought leadership and experience of its teams.

Tobin says Slalom is actively working on its 2020 Strategy and the desired outcomes within it.  “Our plan encompasses a wide array of topics including alliances, collaboration, creating a culture of connected learners, culture of feedback, delivery, brand messaging, operational excellence, packaging our solutions, sales, and more,” he says. “Every Slalom employee is invited to participate in our company-wide strategy development,” Tobin says. “Our unique and highly inclusive process begins with our team members sharing their unique perspective and insights, which in turn informs long-term vision and strategic initiatives for our firm.”

Q&A: What’s unique about your firm? What sets it apart? 

Tobin: “We take our Core Values very seriously. Our culture is inextricably intertwined with our values, and dependent on the continual evolution of the work we do and in the people who call Slalom home. What we hear from our clients is that we care. We pride ourselves on this ability to care about our clients, our initiatives, and recognize how each project can connect to a strategic initiative for our client.”

Stats Headquarters: Seattle Billable Consultants: 4,000 Client Industries Served: Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Business and Consumer Services, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Healthcare, Media & Information, Nonprofit, Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Software, Telecom, and Utilities & Energy Consulting Service Lines: Strategy, IT

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