The 2016 Best Firms to Work For: Point B

PointB_Chuck_Ritter2. Point B 

Ask Chuck Ritter, President of Consulting at Point B, to look into a crystal ball, he can barely contain his enthusiasm. “I have to be honest. I’m quite excited as I look to the remainder of 2016 and beyond,” he says.

And why wouldn’t he be? A second-place finish on Consulting’s Best Firms to Work For ranking goes a long way. Point B finished No. 2 in 2014. The firm did not participate in 2015 as it opts to sit it out every other year. Oh, and by the way, Point B is having the best year of growth in the firm’s history, Ritter says. So good, in fact, the firm is expanding into three brand new U.S. markets—Boston, Minneapolis and Austin, Texas.

“Point B does amazing things for its clients. Our focus is on outcomes and bringing more than methods to our clients,” Ritter says. “We deliver the best Point B has to offer across our consulting, capital, expertise and property development businesses—integrating those offerings to provide unique impact and value.”

Point B is delivering strategic outcomes for clients and offering a broader base of development opportunities for its people, bolstering both their careers and their lives, Ritter says. “It’s a time full of possibility, and our biggest opportunities come from helping our clients think more strategically about their challenges while they realize the vision and strategies they set out to achieve. We’re in an unprecedented moment of revolutionary change. Today’s business landscape is more complex and fast-changing than ever.”

But Point B is more than up for the challenge. “Our people continue to be excited about engaging in strategic and complex outcomes and about the development opportunities that come with taking on challenging work,” he says. “Our teams are learning, growing and creating the best solutions for our clients. We have a great deal of pride in our delivery quality and what we achieve alongside our clients and each other.”

On the survey, Point B excelled in the areas of Client Engagement and Firm Leadership.

“Point B’s clients are happy because we deliver outcomes beyond expectations,” Ritter says. “They appreciate our quality and the value our people bring every day; our teams strive to put others first, which is reflected in both client and associate satisfaction.”

Meanwhile, as a 100 percent employee-owned organization, leaders play a unique role within the firm, Ritter says. “They ensure all of our owners have a clear understanding of why we exist, where we are headed, and how we intend to get there,” he says. “When you have that clarity, you don’t need to worry about the small stuff. You can focus on living your life and delivering amazing outcomes for Point B clients.”

Q&A: What impact do you think being a Best Firm to Work For has on the firm? Employees? Clients?  

Ritter: “Being a Best Firm allows us to share our purpose and values with a broad audience. As an employee-owned company, we’re proud to say we exist for the benefit of our people. This drives how we recruit and develop Point Bers, who are altruistic in nature and deliver truly extraordinary outcomes for our clients.”

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