The 2016 Best Firms to Work For: L.E.K. Consulting

LEK_Stuart Jackson11. L.E.K. Consulting

Stuart Jackson, Global Managing Partner of L.E.K. Consulting, says he can’t recall any time in the firm’s history when there were more change and innovation programs underway at every level of the firm, and within its global sectors. These initiatives cover all aspects of the business including brand and thought leadership, new tools, staff roles, recruiting and training.

“They add up to an unprecedented acceleration of our rate of development and progress,” Jackson says. “And this isn’t a one-year initiative, I think changing and evolving faster than others is a fundamental trait of high-performance companies and organizations.”

These efforts have paid off and have resulted in L.E.K. placing three slots higher on the Best Firms to Work For list than when it made its debut back in 2014. For Jackson, the recognition is incredibly important. “Every day, we read statistics about how many people don’t enjoy their work,” he says. “Personally, I feel incredibly lucky that L.E.K. provides me with a place where I can be successful in a job where I love coming to work each day.”

And being able to pass that on is a top priority, he says. “It’s a delight to me that so many of our people are happy in their roles with us,” Jackson says. “I realize there are always ways to improve, but this honor shows we are making great progress.”

Jackson says the firm is committed to helping every staff member have a career with impact. That means providing staff with opportunities to have transformative impact on organizations; access to an exceptional team of peers and leaders; world-class professional growth experiences and career progression; and an enriching and rewarding life, both personally and professionally.

L.E.K attracts talent that’s high performing and results-oriented. In a client service environment, this can create high-pressure, Jackson says, but what makes things manageable is the firm’s team approach. “Every individual has a network of peers and resources they can call upon, so that while projects can be challenging, stress is minimized,” he says. “A deep-seated camaraderie runs throughout the firm, creating a unique energy that can’t be manufactured.”

The firm excelled in Compensation & Benefits and Client Engagement. “These areas are indicative of our promise to our people; the opportunity to live enriching lives, while enabling success for the world’s leading firms and organizations,” Jackson says.

What’s unique about your firm? What sets it apart?

Jackson: “It’s all about the team. Upon joining L.E.K., our staff becomes part of a collaborative, global team of exceptional talent. We offer the benefits of a large, global firm along with the advantages of being part of a close-knit team working in an approachable, supportive environment. We are surrounded by highly motivated, high-achieving professionals every day, challenging us to do and be better. From day one, our people begin making an impact. Our focus is on solving tough issues rather than implementing processes. We challenge ourselves and each other, constantly stretching and expanding our abilities. The experience and responsibility gained here is simply unparalleled. Each and every one of our people is part of a team that’s striving towards the same goal: to have a transformational impact.”

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