The 2016 Best Firms to Work For: KPMG


KPMG is back again after making its Best Firms to Work For debut last year. Being a Best Firm  has a huge impact on the firm, employees and clients and validates what firm leadership has known for years, that “we place significant priority on our people and seek to create an innovative and inclusive culture,” says Carl Carande, Vice Chair of Advisory, KPMG. “When employees are engaged and people want to come and work for KPMG, our clients recognize that and acknowledge the work as being top-tier. We provide that level of work because we have the best people producing the best results.”

And those results are one of the big reasons Carande says he is excited and optimistic about the future. “Business as we know it is changing fundamentally every day through new business models and technology disruption,” he says. “At KPMG our people know that we need to constantly innovate and be creative to provide the best products and solutions to our clients. No client engagement is the same, no business problem is the same and no business solution is the same. With all the growth and diversity of opportunity, it’s a very exciting time to work in consulting and at KPMG.”

To that end, last month KPMG held its first internal “Innovation Challenge” designed to task teams to come up new ideas or services that KPMG can implement to increase the depth of its portfolio of offerings. The best ideas were brought before a judging panel and the firm invested $1 million into the best idea. “It’s projects like this that show our people how serious the firm is about bringing new ideas to the forefront and rewarding innovation,” Carande says.

The reason KPMG is so willing to invest in new ideas, Carande says is because business is in a state of constant innovation. “The next disruption is just around the corner and we need to be on our toes to anticipate the next move and help our clients be successful,” Carande says. “This disruptive culture is an opportunity for our employees to think fast and be more agile with our products and services. It’s also forcing us to become more creative, strategic thinkers.”

Those types of “strategic thinkers” are a big differentiator for the firm. Indeed, ask Carande what sets KPMG apart and he’ll say: “Our people, our collaborative culture, and our breadth of services and industries served.”

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