The 2016 Best Firms to Work For: Collaborative Solutions

CollaborativeSolutions4. Collaborative Solutions

The Best Firms to Work For list has a tendency to look pretty familiar year after year. For the most part, a handful of usual suspects populate the rankings. But every once in a while, a new firm emerges from seemingly nowhere to shake up the upper echelons of the rankings. This year, that firm is Reston, Va.-based Collaborative Solutions.

“We have been privileged to win a number of company awards, but being one of the  Best Firms to Work For truly provides that validation of what we have always believed— that Collaborative Solutions is truly a great place to work,” says Carroll Ross, CEO of Collaborative Solutions.

“We believe in the simple but proven formula that happy employees translate to happy customers. Happy employees stay with a company and less turnover means our projects are stable. Receiving this award further reinforces this point to both our existing customers and prospective customers about working with Collaborative Solutions.”

The last time we saw Collaborative Solutions on the list was back in 2013 when the firm was ranked as the No. 10 firm on the Best Small Firms to Work For list. At that time, Collaborative Solutions had only 120 billable consultants. Plenty’s changed in just three years. For starters, the firm has grown significantly.

“From an external or client-facing perspective, we anticipate the growth not only of our core cloud deployment services, but also of both our Strategic Implementation Planning and Organizational Change Management services,” Ross says. “We firmly believe these two areas will continue to be key in driving the success of our customers.”

Collaborative Solutions operates in the very dynamic and evolving market of consulting services for cloud-based solutions. As such, Ross says, the firm must be nimble, flexible and innovative in its approaches to both customer delivery and employee engagement.

“It’s not a coincidence that our name has ‘collaborative’ in it. We pride ourselves on being a truly collaborative team, and we are well known for our open communication style across the company,” he says. “We strive to make each customer experience unique and each outcome for our customers consistently successful. Our leadership remains grounded and engaged at all levels in the company.”

Speaking of engaged leadership, the firm’s President also holds the role of Chief Culture Officer and is focused on the continual development of the firm’s employee programs and company cultural initiatives. “We believe this role is unique in our industry segment and is one of the key reasons we continue to have a strongly committed employee population,” Ross says. “Everyone is willing to roll-up their sleeves and support their co-workers and their customers.”

Q&A: What’s the top priority over the next 12 months?   

Ross: “As we move forward over the next 12 months, we will be focused on key initiatives that further grow and develop our employee experience, while further expanding the services we provide to our customers.  From an internal perspective, we will continue to build out our world-class Learning & Development function, known as Collaborative University, to support the continued personal growth and skill development of our employees.”

Stats Headquarters: Reston, Va. Billable Consultants: 331 Client Industries Served: Financial Services, High Tech, Consumer Goods, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Insurance. Consulting Service Lines: Strategy, Financial Consulting

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