The Rising Stars of the Profession: Madhu Mathew


Madhu Mathew

Excellence in High Tech
Age: 32

Madhu Mathew began at Protiviti back in 2007 as an intern. Today, he is a Senior Manager and one of the Rising Stars of the Profession.

“During that time, I’ve been able learn quite a bit, successfully complete many projects while most importantly growing as an individual,” Mathew says. “It truly is an honor to win this award and be recognized in such a way. It really is a testament to the amazing people I have been surrounded with at Protiviti who have supported me, mentored me and worked with me throughout my career to mold me into who I am today.”

Mathew says he is very proud to watch Protiviti, the company where he started as an intern, grow exponentially during his career.

“The contributing factor to my success has been the people that have supported me throughout my career. This includes most importantly, my family and friends. I’ve also had many amazing mentors at Protiviti that have given me very helpful advice through the years,” he says. “Finally, a leader is only as good as his team and I’ve always been surrounded by great teammates that have helped me succeed.”

Mathew says he loves being in the consulting field, especially as it relates to technology, because every aspect of his career is constantly evolving. “My job responsibilities have continued to shift from being focused on project execution to now include business development,” he says. “I continue to work with different clients who have different problems to solve and the technology within the ERP space continues to change, which forces me to always learn new things.”