The Rising Stars of the Profession: Lydia Lichtenberger


Lydia Lichtenberger

Jabian Consulting
Excellence in Leadership
Age: 28

Ask Lydia Lichtenberger what she loves about the consulting profession and she says “analyzing convoluted inputs to create an organized output; the process of organizing data and ideas to identify trends can be incredibly revealing.

I find it most fulfilling when my efforts help others who don’t have the respective skill set or time to devote to a problem they know needs to be addressed.”

After many years with a Big 4 firm, Lichtenberger has made an impact at Jabian since joining in 2013, including serving as Chair of the Board for Jabian Cares where she applied best practices from her previous nonprofit experience to develop a special initiative called IMPACT10, which will provide $100,000 for projects to local nonprofits.

“I am most proud of my ongoing pursuit of professional and personal growth. I strive to apply the same recommendations to myself as I would to my clients, and work on continually improving myself,” she says. “I seek out learning opportunities through stretch roles, leadership positions, and formal trainings. The skills and experience enables me to provide additional value to our firm and clients.”

Lichtenberger says “career developers” help her shape and achieve her career goals, while firm colleagues and leaders provide real-time project feedback. “I’m lucky to have a strong community of family and friends that also act as sounding boards for big decisions.”

And now, she’s being recognized as one of the profession’s Rising Stars. “Winning the award has validated many of the decisions I’ve made thus far in my career,” Lichtenberger says. “Regarding the ‘rising’ aspect of the award—I’m excited to consider what my next accomplishments could be!”

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