The Rising Stars of the Profession: Swarnika Mehta


Swarnika Mehta

Excellence in Information Technology
Age: 28

It’s been a pretty good couple of months for KPMG’s Swarnika Mehta. For starters, she’s being recognized as one of Consulting’s Rising Stars of the Profession. In 2015, she won the KPMG National Advisory Chairman’s Award, the highest honor in Advisory.

“One of the proudest moments of my career was winning the KPMG National Advisory Chairman’s Award,” she says. “It’s the firm’s most prestigious honor, given to those who stand out through their long-term commitment to excellence, their exceptional contributions, and their drive for continuous improvement.”

And what about this other award she’s received—the Rising Stars?

“It is humbling and gratifying to be honored with this Rising Stars of the Profession award at such an early stage of my career,” Mehta says. “While it validates my professional contributions it also encourages me to continue on this path and inspire others to do the same.”

During the course of her career at KPMG, Mehta says she’s been fortunate to be surrounded by dynamic leaders, from whom she constantly draws on everything that she learns. “They have been particularly pivotal to my success,” Mehta says. “If I can inspire my mentees in a meaningful way as my mentors and sponsors have done for me, I would feel that I’ve upheld the values learnt.”

Her father, also a career consultant once gave her some pretty savvy advice. He said: “To thrive in a profession like consulting you have to make every effort to stay ahead of the curve, especially with the current rate of technological and cultural changes. This means keeping up with the latest news and trends in your industry, and being able to pioneer.”