The Rising Stars of the Profession: Samantha Price


Samantha Price

Keystone Strategy
Excellence in Strategy Consulting
Age: 34

Samantha Price has been with Keystone Strategy for nearly five years and watched her career flourish. “I am proud to be a client lead working one on one with an array of bright, talented people focused on devising and executing strategies that are pushing the bounds of economics, business and technology,” Price says.

“I also take a lot of pride in building and mentoring highly successful teams that span every level of our firm, and am thrilled to be a part of the ongoing growth and expansion of the Economics and Digital Technology Group at Keystone.”

At Keystone, Price says she’s enjoyed the benefits of a great boss along with access to a bright, forward thinking leadership team. “Having these individuals support my work and my career goals has made all of the difference for me,” she says.

Price’s team’s work spans technology, economics and business strategy supporting some of the world’s largest online, social media and technology companies. “It’s always fascinating to see a project start and evolve into something that has wide-reaching implications on Intellectual Property issues—whether it’s damage assessment or defending IP rights,” Price says. “Being on the side of history that is impacting the future of technology and business continues to be thrilling.”

As for being recognized as one of the Rising Stars of the Profession, Price says she views it very much as a Keystone Strategy accolade. “Our teams work collaboratively to ensure outstanding work on behalf of our clients, and I could not have achieved so much professionally if it weren’t for my managers, my peers and the folks I work with every day,” Price says.

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