The Rising Stars of the Profession: Michael Retter


Michael Retter

Point B
Excellence in Leadership
Age: 29

Ask Michael Retter what’s been the biggest factor to his success so far and he’ll say “raising his hand,” and being willing to venture into the unknown.

Prior to joining Point B, Retter, literally, ventured into the unknown while working for another consulting firm. He moved to Shanghai to open the firm’s first office in the region. Just two-and-a-half years later, when he was just 26, the Shanghai team tripled in size. Retter, who was instrumental in developing the employees, gained a truly global perspective for running projects. He also led 20 different training courses and guided his team through 75 supplier sites in more than 10 countries.

“This approach has exposed me to some amazing opportunities, forced me to learn quickly and adapt, and ensured those around me know I have their best interests in mind,” he says.

Soon after, he joined Point B. “There is something undeniably special about our firm, our culture, and the impact we have on our clients and communities,” Retter says.

Aside from the firm itself, Retter says he is also energized by the consulting profession itself. “Industries are changing, the markets in which we work are changing, client expectations are changing and the bar continues to rise,” he says. “Continuing to find ways to lead clients and our firm to successful outcomes is what excites me.”

And ask him what winning a Rising Stars of the Profession award mean to him? “It’s deeply humbling, and proof that consulting is a team effort. I didn’t do this alone and I’m excited to share this with my peers and clients who have helped shape my career,” Retter says.

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