The Rising Stars of the Profession: Jeremy Williams


Jeremy Williams

Excellence in Leadership
Age: 31

In 2009, Productivity and Collaboration was an important part of Rightpoint’s service offering, but not a primary source of revenue. That all changed when 25-year-old Jeremy Williams joined the team six years ago.

Initially hired as a SharePoint developer, William’s drive, passion and leadership propelled him up the ranks, becoming Rightpoint’s first National Practice Lead under the age of 30. In the years since coming on board, Jeremy has helped to establish the agency’s Employee Engagement & Social Enterprise service line into a full-fledged practice area.

Williams says he’s proud of what he’s been a part of in helping to grow Rightpoint. “When I joined we were a small group of about 20 people, and now we’re over 225 strong,” he says.

He was originally attracted to consulting for two reasons—The challenge of taking on different problems; and, the ability to craft solutions that have a positive impact across a wide variety of clients.

“As I’ve grown in my career, these two factors are still pervasive in what excites me everyday—I’m passionate about making amazing solutions and to make a great solution, you need to truly understand the problem-space you’re solving within,” he says.

And as odd as it may sound, Williams says he loves work that is never fully done, “work that allows me to continue building upon success—within the practice, the company, and especially with our clients.”

Williams says he’s “deeply humbled” to be recognized as one of the Rising Stars of the Profession. “It’s something I didn’t imagine being nominated for, let alone winning,” he says. “Moving forward, it means that the bar has been raised (again), and will give me even higher horizons to shoot for in the future.”