The Rising Stars of the Profession: James Young


James Young

Slalom Consulting
Excellence in Information Technology
Age: 32

James Young is the youngest Managing Director at Slalom Consulting. As a Managing Director for the Information Management & Analytics and Experience Design practices, Young is chartered with growing and developing a team of highly skilled individuals in some of the hottest areas in consulting at the moment.

“I’m proud of how quickly I’ve been able to grow in my career at Slalom and the impact I’ve had on our business,” Young says. “When I joined Slalom as a Consultant in 2008, I didn’t have specific aspirations to get to a certain level, nor much thought around how I would get there. I was just motivated to learn what I didn’t know, help wherever I could, and seize opportunities I uncovered.”

Six-and-a-half years later, he was promoted to Managing Director and was leading three segments of Slalom’s business. He and his team have helped solve some of the most complex big data and analytics problems for the most enviable clients in Silicon Valley. “While I may have better vision today, I would say I’m still operating under those same principles as when I joined,” he says.

Young also spends considerable time on ensuring that his team members are happy with their work, are connected to the practice and office, and have opportunities to grow. This care and attention to his team and their development has yielded another incredible metric of 15+ promotions amongst his leadership team in 2014-15.

“Being in Silicon Valley, I have the opportunity to work with the best and brightest companies and individuals on the planet,” Young says. “I have the opportunity to work with all of them, not just one company and its employees. What could be more exciting than that?”

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