The Rising Stars of the Profession: Claire Pedersen Patel


Claire Pedersen Patel

Trexin Consulting
Excellence in Leadership
Age: 29

Prior to joining Trexin, Claire Pedersen Patel, worked at another firm where she was managing a workstream of a difficult IT strategy project. She had never developed an IT strategy before and was anxious to ensure the work stayed on track. She had a conversation with one of the consultants that really stuck with her. It was about what “release version” they were on in life.

“We talked about how major life events created ‘major releases’ and other smaller developments led to interim releases,” Patel says. “I took away from this that we may not have our entire careers or life planned out, but we can always be driving towards our next ‘release.’ This has driven me to constantly drive forward and improve myself.”

She has always been passionate about building the next generation of consultants, but in 2015, she set out to double the size of her team. By the end of 2015, Patel had tripled the size her team. She fundamentally changed how projects were staffed at Trexin. Her team is the fastest growing part of the company and will double again in 2016.

“I have found that the most gratifying thing is to attract a team of great people and create an environment that allows them to grow and flourish over the long term,” Patel says. “These are the simple ingredients for success in our profession, and I’m so proud of the team we have at Trexin.”

Consulting is a source of never-ending challenge and opportunity, she says. “I am always excited to start a new project where I get to hone my skills and design a new solution,” she says. “I enjoy taking the time to learn exactly what is driving the client need and then customizing a solution to achieve results.”

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