The Rising Stars of the Profession: Mike Hannon


Mike Hannon

Impact Advisors
Excellence in Healthcare
Age: 30

Mike Hannon, a Senior Advisor with Impact Advisors says the most rewarding outcome he receives from working in the healthcare industry is seeing his work impact the delivery of healthcare at the patient level.

“Whether it is re-engineering workflows in an urban level one trauma emergency center resulting in a patient throughput improvement of 30 percent, or managing a team responsible for training 3,000 end users at a large oncology research institute, I am always able to see the direct benefit gained by our patients,” Hannon says.

Over the last five years, he says, Impact Advisors has provided him with increasingly complex and diverse roles. “I believe my success derives from my unique approach and ability to take on new challenges, adapt to changing client needs, and grow both personally and professionally from each experience,” Hannon says. “My clients know I am passionately invested in their success from the start.”

What gets him out of bed every morning, he says, is knowing that each day he will have a new opportunity to face diverse challenges. “It inspires me to be able to offer fresh insight based on my previous experiences and unique skill set,” Hannon says. “What helps me sleep at night is knowing the experience I bring to each client will live on and thrive long after my work there is done.”

As for being named one of the Rising Stars of the Profession, Hannon says he believes it’s a validation of Impact Advisors’ unrivaled corporate culture. “I could not be more thankful to the support I’ve received from firm leadership, coaches/mentors, clients, and family,” he says. “I plan to actively encourage and challenge the next generation of healthcare consultants to deliver value through coaching and mentoring.”