The Rising Stars of the Profession: Maulik Bhagat


Maulik Bhagat

AArete Excellence in Client Service Age: 34

Ask 34-year-old Maulik Bhagat about his achievements and accomplishments and he’ll say: “Getting the opportunity to be a Partner in a consulting firm at a relatively young age; Being selected for the Rising Stars award in the largest global consulting market in the world, less than five years after moving here from India; and, Managing to balance, to a fairly decent extent, the rigors of consulting along with the time demands from a family, especially my two young children.”

Bhagat says the most exciting part about consulting is that you are learning something new, dealing with new challenges, working with really smart people (colleagues and clients), solving complex problems and coming up with creative solutions for your clients almost every day.

“This along with the adrenalin rush when preparing for and presenting at important client meetings, whether for ongoing engagements or with prospects,” he says. “And finally, the fact that you can actually see that a recommendation/solution you were part of coming up with, resulted in tangible results for the client upon implementation.”

In addition, Bhagat says he thinks he still has a ways to go before being truly considered successful, but any success he’s had thus far has been a team effort. “I have had the privilege of working with some amazing colleagues and received guidance and mentoring from some great leaders through my career.”

What does winning a Rising Stars award mean to him? “I consider it as a form of external acknowledgment and recognition of a job well done—that I have done something right in my work and career over these years,” Bhagat says. “It also motivates me to do better.”

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