The Rising Stars of the Profession: Matthew Curren


Matthew Curren

Falcon Consulting Group
Excellence in Leadership
Age: 32

Ask Matthew Curren, Vice President, Business Transformation Solutions at Falcon Consulting Group, about his proudest accomplishment and he has a difficult time coming up with one. “It’s so tough to answer because I feel like I have always defined my successes in those of my teams, never as my own,” Curren says.

Even the personal satisfaction that comes with winning the Rising Stars award shifted quickly to a feeling of deep gratitude to those who have helped him shape his career, he says. “I think back to all of the effort that has been invested in me and can’t help but be humbled by the selflessness of those individuals and aspire to once provide the same to those around me,” Curren says.

He says his willingness to listen to those mentors that have helped him along the way has been a big key to his success. “In each stage of my career, I have had those one or two people who have clearly committed to the betterment of myself, both professionally and personally,” Curren says. “There is not a professional interaction that goes by that I don’t take away a positive lesson from.”

To that end, Curren says he never stops experiencing new things and learning new lessons. Every day I encounter something that I had not previously.

“It helps me continue to refine my knowledge base and provide the deepest perspective to the clients I advise,” he says. “I feel as though I have no choice but to be on the leading edge of innovation and am constantly anticipating changes in clients’ needs and disruptions in our marketplace. It really is such a blast.”

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