The Rising Stars of the Profession: Lynne Coviello


Lynne Coviello

Excellence in Leadership
Age: 34

Lynne Coviello has had many personal and professional achievements over the years. For instance, the many memorable engagements where her teams truly helped solve a client’s biggest issues; the times she’s influenced the careers of others; and, of course, making Partner.

“However, my proudest moment by far has been proving that you can be a successful working parent in the demanding world of consulting,” Coviello says.

Coviello says her husband Michael and her amazing two-and-half-year-old daughter, Amelia, share in the award recognition “While my daughter is too young to realize what this all means, she knew that her mom was happy and proud to be building a better working world through everything I do in my career,” she says. “This award also represents a symbol that you can ‘have it all’ in career and in life, but that you need a strong team around you to make it all happen.”

To make it all happen, Coviello says that she’s relied on relationships—from trusting client relationships to inclusive teams. “And most importantly, the mentors and sponsors who helped me along the way throughout my entire career,” she says. “Many of these mentors and sponsors have challenged me to take on new opportunities.”

Coviello says she’ll never forget meeting one of EY’s newest leaders in the Advisory practice several years ago. Not five minutes into that conversation, this individual stopped her in her tracks and basically told her she needed to do less and make a bigger impact. “It was this meeting that helped me figure out how to have a greater impact on our people, our practice and our clients,” she says. “I determined that I wanted to be a Partner and knew that I could make it happen.”

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