The Rising Stars of the Profession: Kyle Hanofee


Kyle Hanofee

North Highland
Excellence in Client Service
Age: 29

Kyle Hanofee says the most exciting part about being a consultant is the chance to help people, first and foremost. “Through this profession, I have been able to help a variety of people in multiple industries and professions. I can provide advice and help clients solve their problems,” Hanofee says. “I build trusting relationships and follow through in order to ensure that the client gets the answers and solutions they need.”

Hanofee had the opportunity to begin her career living and working in London immediately after college. After only ever living in Atlanta, she was forced to quickly develop the confidence and ability to go out of her comfort zone in all situations. “This confidence helped me to grow quickly as a consulting professional in those three years and has led me to be successful throughout my career,” she says. “Working abroad gave me the opportunity to see tremendous growth in my professional and personal development, and this is what I am most proud of at this point in my career.”

She says the trust that North Highland has placed in her early

on has contributed greatly to her success. “They’ve provided me the opportunities to achieve my goals and go above and beyond what I could have ever expected in my first job,” she says. “In only five years, North Highland has given me the opportunity to live and work abroad and serve clients in some of the largest companies in the world.”

Always putting the client first, saying yes you can help, and then following through on helping them achieve their goals has always been part of her motivation, she says. “Winning this award makes all of the challenges and hard work into putting the client first worthwhile.”

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