The Rising Stars of the Profession: Julia Fung


Julia Fung

Excellence in Client Service
Age: 30

Julia Fung is the first generation of her family to have graduated from college. She counts that accomplishment among her very proudest moments. “I appreciate the opportunities and the sacrifices my family went through to support my educational growth and launch my career,” Fung says.

And what a launch it’s been. Fung is a Manager for PwC’s National Cybersecurity & Privacy practice and has spent the past six years delivering large scale Identity & Access Management implementation projects.

“I’ve been on Cybersecurity engagements for most of my career, and the most intriguing aspect of my current engagement is the complexity of the issues that we are asked to solve. We are tackling problems that have never been addressed and I get to be involved in every facet,” Fung says. “At the end of each project, I get the opportunity to challenge myself by tackling a completely different issue.”

In addition, Fung says she enjoys the variety of people she gets to work with on a regular basis—each brings different experiences and perspectives.

Fung says she understands that people are PwC’s most valuable asset and takes the lead by actively investing in coaching others to help them achieve their goals. She also says the coaching she’s received from others is a big factor to her success.

“PwC has always been a strong advocate for formal and informal mentoring and I have been fortunate to have people who have invested time in me and my career,” she says. “Without these individuals, I would not be where I am today.”

Where she is today is one of the Rising Stars of the Profession. “I am grateful to see my efforts and impact be recognized amongst the large pool of intelligent and motivated professionals at PwC.”

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