The Rising Stars of the Profession: Jeff Henry


Jeff Henry

MorganFranklin Consulting  Excellence in Financial Consulting Age: 28

Jeff Henry is a Senior Manager at MorganFranklin who truly believes that every challenge is a far greater opportunity than it is a problem. “I am proud of my ability to turn challenges into opportunities,” he says. “Throughout my career, I have faced plenty of obstacles but, in viewing them as opportunities, I have managed to not only tackle them but turn them into some of the most defining moments of my career. I credit my family for this ability, and I am incredibly proud of it.”

When Henry looks back on what has enabled him to achieve success in consulting, it has always been grounded in two things, he says.

“Constantly delivering innovative solutions for my clients by holding myself accountable for solving their challenges,” he says. “And, building trust with my clients. I can’t think of anything more important (and satisfying) than earning your clients’ trust.”

At MorganFranklin, the employees often state that their job is to make clients successful—and the firm takes that literally, Henry says. “Helping a client attain their personal or professional goals is an incredibly exciting experience, and probably the biggest reason I am in the industry,” he says. “The partnerships I enjoy with my clients are a thrill for me. In the end, I can’t think of anything more satisfying than seeing your client be successful and knowing you had a part in it.”

Winning a Rising Stars of the Profession award is unlike “anything I could have imagined, and it is incredibly humbling,” he says. “Most of all, I feel grateful for the unparalleled opportunities MorganFranklin and its leadership team have provided. Without them, I certainly would not be winning this award.”

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